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P7 Space

The Milk Way Galaxy by P7 pupils.

The P7s’ Experience with Professor Stephen Smartt

The P7s had great fun asking Professor Smartt all about space. The questions flew at the Professor as fast as asteroids as the class had so many things they wanted to know!

There were questions about the Moon, stars, Earth, gravity, galaxies and density.

We have learned  . . . 

…that the Earth orbits the Sun at around 62,000 miles per hour. Could you imagine travelling around Belfast at that speed?

…that massive telescopes are used to see deep into space (Professor Smartt had to drive to the top of a mountain to get to one of the telescopes).

…that the Sun is positioned just the right distance from the earth. Any closer, and we’d burn up. Any further away, and it’d be too cool for life to thrive. Pretty COOL really!

Professor Stephen Smartt